About Us

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure you learn everything you need to know about how to work with and treat your clients and bosses so they are overwhelmingly happy with your work; about being a professional, in a modern sense of the word, more under the surface than the old-fashioned suit-and-tie; about doing your work except for anything specific that has to do with your particular profession; about ensuring that those who need to recognize your work, do; about the subtle ways in which those you work with interpret what you say and do; about understanding the levers that are under you control to navigate complex business relationships; about balancing the many fines you will need to balance; about helping you prepare for the emotional and psychologically-challenging situations you will encounter.

Core Value

In teaching professionalism, our core value and approach is brutal honesty. Here’s the problem: too many euphemisms and trying to say everything in the nicest words far too often masks the importance and urgency of the underlying message. Not here! Our approach is centered around saying the hard things. Indeed, the reason why the rules here are usually not taught is that it’s often too depressing to say out loud because it reveals the difference between the world we live in and the one we want to live in: we, as much as anyone else, want to live in the world where we’re judged first and foremost by the quality of our work and the results itself, and not in how we communicate about the work or how we respond to challenges, issues, and problems. But we swallow the bitter pill on the reality of the workspace and hold your hand to help you navigate its waters.

Learn With The Best


Morgan has led digital for multiple presidential-level campaigns, has run 92+ person agencies in three continents, and has lots of experience managing challenging clients. He’s spent 11 years compiling the refining the list of his best managing-up practices that became the core of this course.