Two important points on that.

First, much of my bluntness and directness is not direct at you, the students, but at the industries, teachers, mentors, writers, bloggers, colleagues, and everyone in your orbit who has been lying to you, telling you only to improve your craft and telling you to focus on better results. I am blunt in criticizing them; you are not the one I’m criticizing, but they are!

Secondly, in our 1‑on-1‑s and Slack channel and office hours, when we talk about your personal situations and you ask for advice, then: I practice what I preach, and am “blunt, but framed positively.” This is one of the lessons of the course, in other words. It’s important to be strong and direct to the point where the other side truly internalizes the importance of what you’re saying; but not in a way that destroys their ego and self-esteem and confidence. It’s a fine line to balance, and you will witness me balancing that line as I mentor you.