If you’re looking for the same sort of advice you can read on a random blog post here or random article there, this isn’t for you.

The concepts here come straight from my brain, as shaped by my intense experiences managing the most challenging clients imaginable, and fine-tuned over the years managing and teaching my employees these very tips. This class has been in the making my whole professional life, and as a formal list I’ve been tracking and building out and fleshing out, it’s been 11 years in the making.

More broadly, I felt the need to write this book precisely because is was nothing like this online. The advice about making your clients happy, as well as succeeding in your career, that you read online overwhelmingly falls into the two categories of “focus on results, results, results” or otherwise, just super-generic platitudes about “be transparent!”, “Communicate clearly!” and a lot of advice that when I read it, I think, “Thank you, Einstein!” I wanted something forged by my experienced, that is very specific and can be turned into action even by the inexperienced. And thus this book was born.