The advice here isn’t based on academic studies that take some 18 year old students and put them into a bubble and ask them hypothetical questions and then deduce human behavior theories from it. No, no.

The advice here isn’t based on articles and blog posts and newspaper clippings found online. No, no.

The advice here isn’t based on canonical business-book or self-help literature, nor any other airport-book style book.

Rather, it’s based on my – yes, it’s me, Morgan, writing this – lifelong experience of dealing with difficult clients. If I’ve figured out how to please the most challenging clients in the universe, these techniques will work with double the power on your clients.

I started compiling these techniques 11 years ago, when I was thrust into the managing role that was the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” and made me realize I had to train seemingly every employee in now just the details of our work, but in the broader “How” to work, while also realizing I needed to structure how I managed my clients, both to excite them the most and also so I could train my employees in how to manage the clients directly without me.

So I started keeping a list, expanding the list, and over 11 years, and many roles with many clients, it turned into the core the classes. The best practices shared here are borne from painful experiences.