Our Students love what we do!

I didn’t expect so much of the advice to resonate with me on such a personal level, far beyond just making my boss happy. But it really helped me transform how I interact with and communicate with very different and difficult people.

Eli Melova

As a student, BBC gave me an insight into the professional world. It gave me important lessons that I’m sure will be applicable to any professional experience.

Fernanda Brizuela

The book has great advice, but I didn’t really internalize it and learn how to yield it in my situation until experiencing the seminars, q&a-s, and 1-on-1-s with them.

Eve Ihasz

So many of these tactics are ‘obvious in retrospect’–things no one told me and I never realized, but of course it’s these little details would make any client love working with me. I’ve already started using them.

Zsolt Maslanyi

The best part of it was that in addition to the lessons I had the opportunity to talk to Morgan about the ways in which the lessons could apply to myself in my own practice. I even listened to the records, to go over a bunch of the awesome tips that I missed in real time.

Ivana Trmcic

The course as a whole was a great experience. I learned great tips, but also had the opportunity to learn how to apply them through the coaching sessions as well as feedback from my peers who were also taking the course. And the networking as an unexpected bonus, I feel like I bonded with the others in my cohort.

David Dvorkin

There is no downside to enrolling in this course. The tips are not only applicable to professional relationships, but any relationship. My wife even commented how I had gotten better at difficult conversations with her, not that we have a lot of them.

Rowan Villa

As a young professional, BBC made the professional world seem a little less daunting. Most of the others in the group were mid-career professionals, but the training really helped me be ready for how to work in the modern, post-college, professional world, helping cure me of the “imposter syndrome.”

Kathleen Van Der Merwe