I’m a big believer that even a small step towards a healthy direction is much better than no step at all. Implementing 1% or 10% or 50% of the best practices brings you much closer than implementing none of them.

Indeed, so few of these are followed at all, that just following 5% of the tips here strongly should give you a substantial boost as compared to your competition.

I always aim for perfection, in other words, but–particularly when your competition isn’t even focused on making their clients fall in love with them–a few small steps can go a long way.

Indeed, this is one point argued at various points throughout the book. Are you worried to document a process or write up a strategic doc or even just type of meeting notes or put forth an agenda for a call? A worse version, an imperfect version, a flawed version of any of those is much–much!–better than none at all. And appreciated by all much more any specks or flaws that will be in the document.